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typical Ecuadorian food

Bar and Restaurant in Puerto Cayo Beach

Manabí Cuisine

Manabí cuisine is an amalgam of fresh ingredients resulting from the dry and tropical ecosystem of the Pacific coastline. Some fresh seafood served alongside crispy fried green bananas and garnished with a fragrant salprieta (peanut based condiment) are some of the highlight elements in the making of Manabí food. The menu at Cabalonga restaurant offers a variety of Manabí dishes and the most delicious typical Ecuadorian food. 

Fresh Ingredients

From the garden and from the sea to the plate. We grow in our garden some vegetables and fruit sustainably. In addition, the bountiful seafood served in our dishes comes from the nearby coastline. This freshness in the ingredients, spurs excitement among visitors when tasting typical Manabí food in our restaurant in Puerto Cayo.

Typical Ecuadorian and Manabí Dishes

Green plantain mash

Bolón with cheese

Bolón with pork scratchings

Mashed yucca with cheese

Sweet plantain tortilla with cheese

Manabita fish ceviche

Shrimps ceviche   

* Typical dishes cost USD 5 to USD 11; and some of them are served with natural juices or coffee.

Check out our à la Carte Menu.

For more information about seasonal food or vegetarian dishes, please contact us

Cabalonga Specialties

Saucy prawns  USD 18.00

Seafood rice USD 11.00

Octopus  USD 10.00

Lobster with fine herbs  USD 22.00

Grilled lobster USD 24.00

Seasonal dishes and vegetarian dishes, ask

Cabalonga Cocktails

The refreshing and fruity cocktails at Cabalonga bar will boost your excitement in this tropical getaway. From beloved lemons and mint to the most exotic ingredients like pineapple, passion fruit, coconut, etc.,  we will shake up a tasty cocktail for you.

You are welcome to have a drink in our cosy bar where Cabalonga will also entertain you with some activities e. g. karaoke, dance music, board games, etc.

Bar opening hours: Sundays -  Fridays until 10:00 pm and Saturdays only until 2:00 am. On public holidays we set up an extension of the bar right on Puerto Cayo beach, from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am.

À la Carte Menu

À la carte menu is served from 8:00 to 22:00